About Us

Global Integrated Port Systems (GIPS) is a Singapore registered IT company with a wholly-owned subsidiary located in China’s north-eastern city of Dalian.

The company engages in IT consultancy and software development services, particularly in the port-logistics domain. Our team in the China subsidiary has extensive experience in developing and maintaining port related systems for Singapore’s PSA as well as for ports in other parts of the world. With the experiences and deep domain knowledge acquired through the years of supporting this business, the team has not only been able to provide high-value IT services to port customers, they have also helped develop complex and customized Terminal Operations Systems (TOS) for a number of ports. A TOS is a comprehensive resource planning, operations and monitoring system used by container terminals to generate plans for the optimal use of their resources (such as Berth, Quay & Yard cranes, and manpower resources). The system also facilitates real-time command and control of operations and resource usage at the container terminal. The system is able to issue instructions for several thousand container moves every day with high level of accuracy and efficiency.

The TOS is complimented by a web-base portal called iCommunity that provides integrated services to the shipping lines, shipping agents, hauliers, freight companies & local government agencies. It links all these players of the port community together to enable point-to-point information exchange as well as to process transactions. With direct and easy access to such a web-based network, the users of this portal at diverse locality can make speedy, effective decisions and track their vessels & cargoes on a 24-hour, paperless and real-time basis.

One example of a TOS developed by our team is the TOP+ TOS implemented in Dalian port. Another instance is the CTROMS TOS developed and used in the Turkish ports in Mersin and Iskanderun.

GIPS remains very focused on enhancing our capabilities and delivering services in the port domain. Through our deep domain knowledge, coupled with our many years of providing IT services to port users and our extensive experience in developing large scale, complex Terminal Operation Systems for ports, we believe that we will be able to value-add to our prospective port customers in optimizing the planning and usage of their expensive port resources.

TOP+ is the TOS developed and implemented in Dalian Port (China). Other live examples are CTROMS TOS implemented in Iskanderun (Turkey) and iPROS in Mersin International Port (Turkey).