Staff Expertise

More than 80% of our company staff have had practical experiences in developing or maintaining port related systems for Singapore’s PSA as well as for ports in other parts of the world. Hence we are able to speak the same “lingo” as the port users and is able to quickly and accurately understand their systems needs and translate these into practical systems solutions for them. We take pride in the development of our flagship products: the iPROS Terminal Operations System (TOS) & the iCOMMUNITY B-to-B portal. Both these suite of systems are the by-products of extensive experiences of servicing port customers, and they can be swiftly customized to meet the local needs of port users.

Our Company is currently engaged in a multi-year service contract with PSA International (PSAI), the world’s largest port operator. Under the service contract, GIPS sets aside a significant pool of resources dedicated to undertaking IT projects outsourced from PSAI’s group of ports worldwide. These include development projects, software maintenance & migration as well as system implementation and end-user support services.