iPROS TOS (Terminal Operation Systems) is a comprehensive resource planning, operations and monitoring system that can be used in container terminals to generate plans for the optimal use of resources (such as Berth, Quay & Yard cranes, and manpower resources).

The system also facilitates real-time command and control of operations and resource usage at the container terminal. The system can issue instructions for several thousand container moves every day with high level of accuracy and efficiency.


Value Proposition

  • Use of powerful graphical tools to facilitate efficient Berth, Container Yard and Ship stowage planning
  • Employment of wireless technology and state-of-the-art wireless data communication devices to accurately capture and direct movements and operations of containers within the container yard and at the wharf
  • Optical and/or transponder technology employed for fast, efficient capturing and verification of vehicle and/or container numbers, thereby increasing efficiency of gate processing at the container terminal
  • A flexible and efficient container billing component to effect faster and more accurate invoicing using data capture through the operations system.
  • Real-time monitoring and control of activities within the container terminal
  • User-defined reports for historic operation data
  • Receive and process EDI messages from agents, and be able to generate EDI messages which will be sent to agents.

Business Benefits

  • Increased control over Planning, Management and Control of Port operation areas and Infrastructure
  • Reduced manual intervention and higher accuracy of operations
  • Easily scalable application that can handle large user base and data volumes
  • Data analytics and performance reporting tool facilitations

Demo Videos