Our Values

People Focus

people are our most valuable asset and foundational to the company success. Hence, we shall strive to create a people-oriented environment that encourages continuous growth, where the full potential of each individual may be realized.

Customer Orientation

We believe that the realization of the organization’s vision is dependent on our ability to continuously create value for our customer. Hence, all our activities shall be driven by a basic principle of customer value creation and building a win-win partnership through provision of high quality goods & services.

Effective Communication

Communication is essential in establishing trust and mutual understanding. We encourage GIPS staff to actively engage in communication through various medium, in order to build trust and understanding amongst ourselves, with our customers as well as our shareholders.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement and continuous learning is the key to maintaining relevancy and competitiveness of the organization & individuals. We encourage our staff to continually review their work activities, share experiences as well as learn & apply new skills.


In an ever evolving business environment, continuous Innovation is essential for the company to maintain it's relevance & competitiveness. It is also an important ingredient for facilitating the technical and mental skills upgrading of the company's Employee.