iCOMMUNITY is an E-Commerce portal that provides integrated services to shipping lines, hauliers, freight forwarders and government agencies.

Leveraging on a combination of valuable shipping experience and high-speed data exchange, the system links various aspects of the shipping business together to provide a point-to-point information exchange; greatly simplifying the operating process of port users. It provides a single-point commercial platform for the port community. It supports electronic data exchange and batch data processing, providing users with a high-speed, precise and secure electronic information exchange.

A rich set of functions are available in iCOMMUNITY to support the processes of different players of the port community ranging from Terminal Operators, Customs, Logistics, Carrier, Marine Services and Shippers.

Vessel Scheduling & Berth Application are supported where information is shared with other interfacing systems on a real time basis. A wide range of requests can be hosted in the iCOMMUNITY system from Container Delivery, Freight Station Operations, Customs clearance which are then distributed and worked across different modules. High profile customized reports are also available with iCOMMUNITY.


  • Registers Vessel Schedule
  • Records Berth Application and conveys to iBERTH
  • Maintains Vessel Particulars and other static
  • Interacts with iBILL for Deposit & Invoice handling
  • Caters Container services on Discharge/Load Requests
  • Handles EDI uploads & allows bulk submissions
  • Allows placing Container Delivery Requests
  • Intake of Container Freight Station Operation Requests
  • Manages Customs Inspection Requests
  • Warehouse In/Out Requests
  • Truck to Truck, Truck to Yard Request placement
  • Pre Gate Request handling
  • Train call and Train Container Loading
  • RORO Request Maintenance
  • Cargo handling requests
  • Real Time Reports and summaries


  • Systematic handling and information transfer to other systems
  • Removes manual documentation process and gets rid of manual errors
  • Single axial system that can easily integrate with other systems doing the port operations Billing Systems, Planning Systems, Operating Systems, Other management subsystems
  • Exclusive user logins and segregation of functionalities
  • Facility to track & maintain live data
  • Real Time data transfer to other systems
  • Customizable Reports and summaries on various request categories
  • User friendly interface to input data
  • Easy to maintain static data on Vessel/Container/Equipment information
  • Improved monitoring, resulting in improving operation efficiency

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